Title: 8th Confession
Author: James Patterson
Finished: August 5, 2010
Pages: 352
Published: 2009
Format: first edition

The next adventure of the Women’s Murder Club has Cindy coming across a dead street prophet who was executed and no one seems to know anything about it. While she’s trying to convince her friends and current object of affection, evidence slowly starts to point in a completely different direction and everyone wonders if Cindy should have written the first story praising his helpful nature.

At the same time, Lindsay and Rich begin looking into the deaths of the rich and famous, unsure how so many wealthy can die without any clues as to what killed them. With the help of a former colleague, Lindsay gets a tip that similar deaths years ago pointed to the killer being a very poisonous snake.

On the personal side, Lindsay is finally seeing that she needs to make an official decision between her future with Joe and what could be with Rich. Only one problem – someone else has caught Rich’s attention and Lindsay isn’t very happy about it.

*challenges: women’s murder club challenge, ryob challenge, 100+ challenge, august 12×12 challenge

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