Title: City of Bones
Author: Michael Connelly
Finished: July 25, 2010
Pages: 393
Published: 2002
Format: first edition

The next book in the Harry Bosch series begins in the holidays, the loneliest time of the year, and Harry finds himself on a call checking out a bone a dog brought down from the forest. Lucky for Harry, the dog’s owner is a former doctor who adamantly claims the bone belongs to a young boy

As the search continues, Harry and his team discover the skeleton of a pre-teen boy and some of his belongings, slowly drawing the conclusion through evidence and phone tips that the murder occurred some 20 years ago, making it nearly impossible to fully track what happened.

In the midst of solving his holiday murder, Harry finds himself under the watchful eye of the chief of police and his superiors, worried about what  the future really holds and how long his job will be offered to him.

I really enjoyed this adventure with Harry. It brought even more to light on his character, what he was willing to risk to solve a case, and what he is willing to sacrifice and give up in the end. I’ve already halfway through the next book and very eager to find out what they all have in store.

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