Title: Specials
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Finished: July 10, 2010
Pages: 372
Published: 2006
Format: paperback

The third book of the Uglies series picks up not long after Pretties, when the group finds themselves part of an elite group of specials called Cutters. Tally is still learning the ropes and participating in her first mission, in search of finding who is smuggling in the famous pills that nearly killed her boyfriend and promise to save everyone from being “pretty”.

I enjoyed this book, maybe more so than the others. The details of specials along with the continued development of the storyline and characters brings everything together. The more you read about them the more you begin to understand, love/hate, and feel for them and their actions. Like a TV show or movie, I almost wanted to yell at the characters for their actions and constantly found myself rooting for Tally over everyone else for staying true to herself as much as possible despite the circumstances.

I’m looking forward to seeing where book 4 takes us and how it all ties together.

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