Title: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Author: Stephen King
Finished: June 26, 2010
Pages: 264
Published: 1999
Format: audiobook & paperback

This quick book, possibly one of King’s shortest, tells the story of a young girl, obsessed with baseball player Tom Gordon, who finds herself lost in the woods while on a hike with her brother and mother.

It was very interesting and not what I expected of a Stephen King story, but possibly listening to it on audio during the day when it would be less suspenseful.

I did find it very interesting, the twists and  turns of the stories and how she finds herself following the wrong direction until happenstance she manages to change her course and in her delirium figures out the correct turn. Even at the end, I wasn’t sure whether her delusions were real or a cause of illness and nature.

I very much enjoyed reading this story and look forward to picking my way through King books until I have no more left to read.

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