Title: Ten Big Ones
Author: Janet Evanovich
Finished: July 3, 2010
Pages: 340
Published: 2004
Format: paperback

The tenth book of the Stephanie Plum series has Stephanie witnessing a robbery while trying to apprehend another client, only to end up on a hit list from one of the major crime families in the city – only this time they hired an outside guy and no one can find him.

Stephanie, unaware of how dangerous the situation is, finds herself fighting between survival and being held captive by Morelli, neither she really likes. After a major fight, Stephanie walks out and goes into her own form of hiding – breaking into the least likely of places. She begins to struggle once again over her mixed feelings between Ranger and Morelli, which is only inflamed more when she finds herself taking Ranger’s help over Joe’s.

It’s hard to say which way Stephanie will go, and who she’ll choose, but I’m looking forward to the continuation of the series to find out more. It’s hard to imagine I’m closer to getting caught up than I ever imagined.

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