Title: A Darkness More Than Night
Author: Michael Connelly
Finished: June 27, 2010
Pages: 470
Published: 2001
Format: paperback

It’s been awhile since I picked up a Harry Bosch book and this was a very unexpected surprise reading the first book that combines two of Connelly’s loved characters as they pool their resources to solve a mystery.

Terry McCaleb is called in to help a colleague after they find some mysterious items around a murder scene, and the only connection McCaleb find while researching is Harry Bosch. As the evidence pointing to Bosch continues to grow, Harry is awaiting his testimony in a very high profile case.

Everything continues to add stress to Harry’s life with reports, FBI, and McCaleb breathing down his neck, along with his attorney and the defendant in the case.

This book was different from the other Harry Bosch books I’ve read in the past, mainly because he’s not as prevalent as in the others, and he is made out to be the criminal instead of searching for one. However, as the book continued I really started to enjoy the story and getting acquainted with a new side of Bosch that we’re not used to seeing in the other books.

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