Title: 6th Target
Author: James Patterson
Finished: July 4, 2010
Pages: 390
Published: 2007
Format: first edition

The Women’s Murder Club is haunted once again and looking after a killer close to home, when one of their own is injured with off duty.

Lindsay and crew begin searching for a killer who is as crazy as they come, especially when he open fires on an innocent group of people, injuring one of their own, then running away. It seems like a near impossible mystery of how to find someone who sleeps on the streets, until he takes crazy to a new level and approaches Lindsay.

Thinking one case is solved, Boxer and partner are thrust into a kidnapping case that begins to span over state lines, slowing solving the question as to how they are connected.

To make matters worse, the relationship between Lindsay and Joe becomes even more complicated, fearing the end for good, Lindsay thrust herself into work and the possibility of life and relationships outside of Joe – in the even more complicated of places.

I loved this book. I think sometimes it’s my favorite so far. Lindsay is such a diverse character and it definitely shows as she struggles to maintain her personal and professional lives while everything seems to be crumbling.

*challenges: women’s murder club challenge, countdown challenge, ryob challenge, twentyten challenge, 100+ challenge, july 12×12 challenge

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