Title: Alex Cross’s Trial
Author: James Patterson
Finished: June 8, 2010
Pages: 178
Published: 1934
Format: hardback

This installment of the Alex Cross series is much different from all the others. Instead of the typical Cross adventure, this one takes us into the past as Alex writes the story of his family history and how his great uncle helped create history and save lives, along with his grandmother.

It took me quite awhile to get into this story like I have the others because it was such a step back from the norm, but once I got far enough the story became very interesting.

Lawyer Ben Corbett is hired by the president to investigate lynchings and racism in Mississippi, and his main point of contact is Abraham Cross (Alex’s great uncle). Abraham shows Ben the sites of many lynchings and both personally witness various forms of racism in their short time together before Ben finds himself in a very compromising position with the community, unsure who he can trust and how to survive.

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