Title: Rich Again
Author: Anna Maxted
Finished: May 31, 2010
Pages: 462
Published: 2010
Format: first edition

For awhile I couldn’t remember what it was about this book that intrigued me when I requested it as an Early Reviewer. It took me a long time to finally get into the story and often it got set aside for other books until I just forced myself to read it on a vacation.

Rich Again tells the story of a wealthy family, focusing mainly on the lives of the two daughters. Once I got further in, it became very interesting seeing the twisted lives of this wealthy family.

Every topic you could imagine seems to be covered in this sordid tale of love, hatred, betrayal, and eventual happiness. The secrets this family keeps from each other from day cause consequences they could have never predicted. One daughter is nearly caught in an incestuous relationship only to find the truth out just in time. They are so focused on survival of the fittest that they don’t even realize all their downfall is brought on by an unlikely suspect who only reveals itself to them in the final moments.

Maxted’s writing is creative, in depth, intense and relational. After the first cliffhanger, it was nearly impossible to set the book aside until I started getting answers and solving the mystery myself.

Turns out, I shouldn’t have waited so long to find out what Rich Again was all about.

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