Title: Fish!
Author: Stephen Lindin
Finished: April 26, 2010
Pages: 110
Published: 2000
Format: First Edition

This was a very fun and informative book that tells a fictional story with great morals and ideas for the workplace – therefore I categorize it as nonfiction because it just that amazing. (PS there is a move that goes along with it).

The concept behind Fish is that any job can become the best job in the world if you put the effort to make it better. The most boring jobs can become better than anything else just by creating the atmosphere around you.

A manager is assigned to a specific floor in her building that everyone hates – no one enjoys going there, they always complain, even the employees on that floor hate their jobs and they let everyone know it. There was a decline and the bosses were threatening everyone’s jobs if they didn’t make a change.

By visiting the Seattle Fish Market, that group of workers find that even the dirtiest and less glamorous jobs can become fun. It was such a quick read and well worth it even if only for a funny read – or if you feel like your workplace can use a little spice.

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