Title: 5th Horseman
Author: James Patterson
Finished: May 3, 2010
Pages: 447
Published: 2006
Format: paperback

The fifth installment of the Women’s Murder Club has Lindsay and crew searching for a killer who may not even be there. When a wrongful death suit brings attention to a local doctor and hospital accused of killing otherwise healthy patients by prescribing the wrong medication, suspicion is thrown on everyone.

To make matters worse, Yuki’s mom is recuperating in that very hospital and no one can decide if their fear is rational or not. Lindsay and the WMC find themselves searching for answers that are hard to find while the clock is ticking away and worry of another dead patient.

Plus, the long distance relationship between Lindsay and Joe is starting feel the strain and compromise their future.

I’m starting to get into familiar territory with the books and what I remember more. I know there’s some good juicy stuff coming up and I’m anxious to finally get to the 9th Judgment.

*challenges: women murders club challenge, countdown challenge, 1010 category challenge, ryob challenge, thriller/suspense challenge, 100+ challenge, cozy mysteries challenge

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