Title:  Visions of Sugar Plums
Author: Janet Evanovich
Finished: March 6, 2010
Pages: 149
Published: 2002
Format: First Edition

Another quick Stephanie Plum mystery, this time one of the in-between books.

A man suddenly appears in Stephanie’s kitchen – out of thin air. He’s not just any man but seems to be not human, and holds some sort of super powers. He claims he was sent to make her Christmas merry. Currently, Stephanie is in search of a man who robbed a store because it wasn’t open and he needed supplies. But the toymaker seems to have disappeared or undercover.

This is a cute, quick little book – I read it over the course of a couple hours. It’s different than most of the stories because it takes on a supernatural element that is not included in the other stories. I really enjoyed reading the banter back and forth between Stephanie and her mystery man, not to mention the interaction between Morelli and her family.

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