Title: Glory in Death
Author: J.D. Robb
Finished: February 27, 2010
Pages: 313
Published: 1995
Format: Paperback

The second book of the Eve Dallas series. It was nearly a year ago that I read the first book and had mixed feelings. It was unexpected reading a book that was so futuristic but slowly I began to get into the vibe and really enjoyed it.

This time around I absolutely loved it. The character development continues to grow and the storylines are equally intriguing. Eve is investigating the death of a prominent woman in the community when they begin to notice a pattern in high profile deaths. Eve also begins to struggle in her personal relationships and facing the past.

Eve’s relationship with Roarke seems to be on a steady increase but his involvement in her new case throws a curve ball into their lives and causes Eve extra stress. I am loving their chemistry and how hot headed both of them are. Neither of them wants to admit they are wrong or give in to the fights.

I’m starting to enjoy this series more and more. The cliffhanger along has me guessing what is in store. I’m  glad that I have a challenge for this series so I can read more of the adventures.

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