Title: You Suck
Author: Christopher Moore
Finished: February 24, 2010
Pages: 328
Published: 2007
Format: First Edition

This was my second time reading a book by Moore, and I wasn’t too impressed. I found only about 50 pages in (when I was very confused) that this was in fact the second book in a Vampire Love Story series.

The story starts with Tommy waking up and finding his girlfriend has turned him into a vampire. It added some comedic elements – Abby Normal was probably my favorite of it all. Tommy’s girlfriend now has to teach him how to be a vampire when she doesn’t even know herself. They are also trying to hide from the cops who believe they have left town.

Overall, I wasn’t as impressed with this book as I was with Fool. the story seems over the top, the characters weren’t my favorite and there were many things I thought they could have focused more on instead of others.

I doubt I will read the other two parts to the story, but it was interesting getting another taste of Christopher Moore’s writing.

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