The month of February for the readalong is hosted by The Literary Omnivore. There was a status updated posted recently and it makes me feel much better about my status in the reading. I just barely finished The Hobbit and am only on disc 1 of the audiobook version of The Fellowship of the Ring. I am still hoping I will catch up and finish by the end of April.

In the meantime, here’s some fun questions:

  1. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, how do you feel about the narrator compared to the narrator in The Hobbit? Well, since I’m still early in the second book, it’s hard to tell but I think I am enjoying the narrator in the Fellowship of the Ring more.
  2. How’s your pace going? Is it smooth sailing or have you found passages that are difficult to get through? It seems awfully slow right now, especially since I am listening to the book and haven’t had much of a chance to spend with it.
  3. If you’ve read this series before, is The Fellowship of the Ring, for the most part, as you remembered? If not, is it what you expected or something else? This is my first experience with the series. I’m not a huge fantasy fan so it’s been a challenge and Tolkien has created such a fascinating world. It helps that I have watched the films before and that I’m familiar with the story to help carry me.
  4. Are you using any of the extra features- maps and indexes, for instance- in your book? So far I have not, but I anticipate needing them in the future to help as a guide.