Title: The Killing Circle
Author: Andrew Pyper
Finished: January 28, 2010
Pages: 321
Published: 2008
Format:  Early Reviewer paperback

This was an early reviewer when I received it but has since been released. It’s a very interesting book.

It tells the story of an aspiring writer who works for a newspaper. He decides to join a writing circle in the hopes of gaining some inspiration. While he has been spending his time with the group, a killer is targeting people in random patterns, chopping them into pieces and leaving them in the open. As a single father, he fears for his son’s safety against this killer.

Years later, a similar pattern begins to show and Patrick Rush becomes confused as to what is reality, fiction, and a very sick game.

It was definitely an interesting book, I felt it was difficult to start reading and the jump back and forth through time became a little confusing so early to start off. It was definitely worth reading until the end to find out what was fully going on.

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