Title: A Touch of Dead
Author: Charlaine Harris
Finished: January 16, 2010
Pages: 192
Published: 2009
Format: first edition

Charlaine Harris’ first short story compilation of all the Sookie Stackhouse short stories. It includes all five of the Sookie centric stories, some of while I had previously read.

“Fairy Dust
Takes place after Dead to the World. The fairy twins enlist the help of Sookie in finding who killed their sibling. A cute story that gives some insight into the lives of fairies.

“One Word Answer”
Also takes place after Dead to the World. Sookie finds out the fate of her cousin, Hadley, and that she has inherited the estate. She meets the Queen for the first time. I found this story is important to read before reading the next books in the series as you may feel like there is a missing piece.

“Dracula Night”
Takes place after All Together Dead. Sookie is invited to a party of Dracula at Fangtasia by Eric, the only other day aside from Halloween that vampires celebrate. Very fun story that gives a little insight into Eric and Sookie’s relationship.

Takes place after From Dead to Worse. Sookie is hired by her insurance agent to find out who had been breaking into his office and looking through files. Sookie enlists the help of her roommate Amelia and finds a stranger in town. Not my favorite but cute.

“Gift Wrap”
Also takes place after From Dead to Worse. As Christmas approaches, Sookie finds herself rescuing a member of the supes so is injured in the woods. She soon finds herself the recipient of one of the best presents ever. A cute holiday tale, but not sure it really fits in with the rest of the storyline exactly where it fell.

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