imgGeneration%20Kill%20book1Title: Generation Kill
Author: Evan Wright
Finished: October 8, 2009
Pages: 354
Published: 2004

Based on the true story of the first marines to arrive in Baghdad, told by Rolling Stone writer Evan Wright, who traveled with them, witnessing the beginning of the war on terrorism.

I never would have thought to pick up this story, mainly because war and true stories about war aren’t always entertaining to me, my attention span is short for them. But after watching the mini-series based off the book, it was hard to avoid.

The focus of the book is on the four guys Wright travels with in a Humvee and their travels through Iraq and into battle, ambushes, road blocks, and feeding children. It is a very emotional rollercoaster that covers all aspects of war, from bonding, depression, strength, laughter, etc.

It’s hard to summarize such a book up in such a short amount of space, especially since the mini-series spanned five 2 hour segments. It’s a great way to find the truth in what happens during war, the uncertainty of everything, the courage of the team, and the strength of inner self.

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