Well, not a very productive reading month, a couple challenges finished, only bought one book and received the other as a gift. Two library book sales coming up which means I will probably be adding even more. Technically I added quite a lot because my grandma gave me her entire collection of books, but there are so many I figure that eventually they will make it on the list. While As Man Thinketh was on CD and given to me, and Smile and Move was also a gift, I still managed to read only one book that I had to return to someone and is still not in my collection. I find that pretty impressive. I’m going to try and read more than 9 books again, hopefully closer to the 20 side if I’m ever going to be able to finish challenges this year.

Books Read:

  1. Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson (TBR)
  2. London Bridges by James Patterson (TBR)
  3. Mary Mary by James Patterson (TBR)
  4. As Man Thinketh by James Allen (TBR)
  5. Cross by James Patterson (TBR)
  6. High Five by Janet Evanovich (TBR)
  7. D is for Deadbeat by Sue Grafton (TBR)
  8. Smile and Move by Sam Parker (TBR)
  9. Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence

Books Added:

  1. Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Ben H. Winters and Jane Austen
  2. Smile and Move by Sam Parker

Challenges Finished: 2009 Countdown Challenge, RYOB Challenge, New Authors Challenge
Challenges DNF: Summer Reading Challenge
Challenges Joined: Fall Into Reading 2009, 2010 Countdown Challenge