The Noticer coverTitle: The Noticer
Author: Andy Andrews
Finished: August 18, 2009
Pages: 155
Published: 2009

My first book for the book club I joined at work. A 2009 release, very motivational and empowering.

The book is a set of short adventures that revolve around people who live in the same town. A man, Jones, has a special gift of noticing things about people they would never notice. He meets Andy and shows him the path and opens his eyes to the future he could have if he only changed his way of thinking.

It was a very quick read, very enjoyable, and enlightening to read. Helped me see and think differently about how I may pursue things in the future, or to be more aware of situations and surroundings.

*Challenges: 2009 Pub Challenge, 999 Challenge, 100+ Challenge, Countdown Challenge, New Author Challenge, RYOB Challenge, Christmas in July, August Reading Challenge

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