Lately, I’ve seen a lot of posts from people talking about their TBRs, showing pictures, talking about how they can’t stop buying books. I’m joining the club.

It started awhile back with J. Kaye and Kyusi Reader, followed by Book Lists Life with a contest involving pictures of the TBR pile. Either way, I finally managed to get around to taking current pictures of my TBR piles and shelves all over my house.

There’s no way to take just one picture of my whole TBR, because there are spread out, but here’s a quick look at the currently unorganized shelves.

CIMG3092The current TBR. All books I have started.

CIMG3079My next immediate reads (on my nightstand) to complete challenges by the end of Aug-beginning of Sept.

CIMG3080Sue Grafton and J.D. Robb to-reads

CIMG3081A small portion of the old books from my mom’s house

CIMG3083Miscellaneous overflow pile I finally found space for

CIMG3084More overflow

CIMG3085Nicholas Sparks, John Grisham, and others

CIMG3087More miscellaneous unorganized

CIMG3088More to organize

CIMG3089Another shelf, Gregory Maguire, Dean Koontz, loans

CIMG3090Michael Connelly, Janet Evanovich

CIMG3091A small portion of the Patterson TBR

Of course, some were left out because it was just too many pictures, hopefully I can get them all organized and then maybe the pictures will be better. I do have another section just dedicated to Stephen King as well. I figure the least I can do is move non-fiction together, fiction together, same authors. I also have been keeping the books I’ve read separate and sorted by author, and then in series within that area. As soon as I get some more read, the read shelves will start looking pretty cool as well.