marley-and-me-bookTitle: Marley and Me
Author: John Grogan
Finished: July 25, 2009
Pages: 307
Published: 2005

Recently turned into a major motion picture, Marley and Me, is the autobiographical story of a family who comes to own the world’s worst dog.

John and his wife, Jenny, decide to get a puppy before having children in the hopes it will help prepare them. What they don’t realize until much later, is that Marley is no ordinary dog, and they missed some crucial steps. But despite all that, the Grogan family continues to grow, love and nuture their dog through good times and bad.

John Grogan, the author, entertains his audience with many funny stories and adventures he has with Marley as man’s best friend, including but not limited to thunder storms, house sitters, Dog Beach, new babies, and car rides. What Grogan impresses the most is that no matter how bad the dog, how crazy and neurotic, he teaches you more about life than you can ever imagine, and you love your pet regardless.

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