I wouldn’t normally blog about this type of stuff here, but since it pertains to books, I figured that eventually something will be interesting to people.

A couple weeks ago, I applied for a “job” as an Arts & Entertainment writer for Examiner.com. I wasn’t sure if anything would actually come of it, but they liked me enough on paper, so now after choosing the area in which I would like to write, I have become a Books Examiner for the Boise, ID edition.

I’ve written two articles so far, no reviews yet, and I know some won’t be that interesting to people who don’t actually live in Boise, but I hope to eventually have something for everyone.

The two articles I have written so far are:

One main reason I am trying to get the word out there, is because the more page views I get the more the pennies rack up, and since I’m currently unemployed I’m using this is a my only job. I don’t expect it to pay much, but hopefully there will be something fun for everyone.

In the near future, I will start including my new release reviews there as well, most likely posted before they are on this site, and sometimes even a little different review than what I have here.

Either way, I hope so of you won’t mind checking it out and keeping it in mind for the future. I hope to eventually include something on my page that will be updated with all the articles as they become available.