9780064471060Title: The Horse and His Boy
Author: C.S. Lewis
Finished: June 30, 2009
Pages: 112
Published: 1954

Reading the books in chronological order, this one was next, but another one that I didn’t enjoy as much as some the previous. I really enjoy the stories that involve the four children and their adventures. This part of the Chronicles of Narnia was a little confusing, which is surprising because it’s a children’s story, but even as an adult following the unfamiliar names and characters that are made up and in a different world.

I’m not surprised that out of the entire series I would enjoy some of the stories more than others, as any series of books goes. Plus knowing they are aimed for a younger audience helps me get through them more than anything else.

*Challenges: 100+ Challenge, 999×2 Challenge, Create a Colorful Summer, Chronicles of Narnia Challenge

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