transforming graceTitle: Transforming Grace
Author: Jerry Bridges
Finished: June 22, 2009
Pages: 265
Published: 1991

After a long afternoon conversation with my aunt we touched on the subject of grace and how it’s hard to come to terms with God and his forgiveness, or grace. She recommended this book to me and then surprised me one day by bringing it to me as a gift.

Once I got started reading I wanted to take my time to fully comprehend what I was reading and reflect. It was a very powerful book that encompasses everything one could think about, situations, and ideas where God’s grace could come into question, how it can help, bible verses to return to, and the author’s own personal experience.

After a slow start in reading, I found myself breezing through the pages while sitting with my dad at the hospital and found that to somehow be therapeutic reading about grace and forgiveness at a time when I knew I was going to be tested the most.

For anyone curious about God’s grace, and or are unsure of their own feelings, this a great book to start off with or even rekindle the relationship.

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