Becky from Becky’s Book Reviews is hosting the Operation Actually Read Bible Challenge – a perpetual challenge to read from the bible. Becky writes:

Choose to read the whole Bible, the New Testament, or The New Testament and Psalms & Proverbs, or the gospels. (Or any variation of books you’d like–you might want to focus on Paul’s epistles, for example.)

There aren’t any “rules” for this challenge necessarily. I don’t care which translation of the Bible you use. Or if you choose to read a Bible with the apocrypha. (Or not.) (Though I will stress that if/when we interact with other participants we don’t condescend about other people’s translation choices. I don’t want to get into any of the KJV is the only “real” translation nonsense.) That’s really the only rule I have. Respect.

I got a copy of a guide where you can read the Bible in chronological order, which is the way I will be reading it. As opposed to writing out the entire guide again here, I will keep track of what I read. The guide is arranged by months, so I will update as I finish each month section. Starting July 1, I will begin the monthly posting first of the month.