I haven’t had a chance until now to do my wrap up post for this weekends BLOGGIESTA! It has been a busy couple of days but I’m finally getting around it.

My biggest goal was to write some movie reviews and catch up. While I wrote 18 reviews of movies and TV shows, it was nowhere near close to what I wanted to write. I can’t imagine how many I had to write but I never realized how long it would take to write them and how bored I may get doing so.

Overall I completed:

  • Movie/TV Reviews: 18
  • Book Reviews: 2
  • Mini-Challenges: 3 (Bookish Ruth, Book Lady, Beth Fish Reads)
  • Updated challenge pages for 2 reviews
  • Updated my LibraryThing reviews
  • Added a currently reading and up next box to my sidebar
  • Added a weekly events box to the sidebar to be updated soon
  • Wrote a new post to publish another day involving a new perpetual challenge I created for myself
  • Updated a key page (my TBR list) to look more alphabetized and organized
  • Officially signed up for the Sookie Stackhouse Challenge, with some of my own rules
  • Created a new event at my other blog – Baking 101
  • Cleaned up my starred items in google reader – pretty much all that’s left are articles involving True Blood and I’m too tired to read them all
  • Rejoined the Weekly Geek group – here

It feels like a lot and a little all at the same time. I’m always pretty on top of things with my book blog so it was more for fun. I think I only spent about 8 hours or so playing around with things so not nearly as much time as other people. Hopefully next time I will be more prepared.