I came across this fun weekend event coming up this weekend, starting Friday, hosted by Natasha.  I’m really hoping to participate a lot in the event, which starts Friday at 8am and ends Sunday 8am.

What will I be doing? In addition to this blog, I also have a movie reviewing blog, In the Masses, where I include reviews and miscellaneous items that excite me in regards to movies, television, news, etc. That is my main goal because I am extremely behind on these. I have started preparing a list but you can see the full list of what has been reviewed and what has not HERE. Those will all be posted on my other site, but I will keep a running list here as well.

In regards to this blog,  I will probably be posting a couple book reviews, updating tags, maybe a little redesign or rearranging, and some book to movie reviews. It’s hard to tell. I have a lot going on this weekend so most likely I will be keeping track of my time and everyone on paper while I am away from my computer and then updating online as much as I can.

I don’t have a goal time set, but stay tuned.