ugliesTitle: Uglies
Author: Scott Westerfled
Finished: June 9, 2009
Pages: 425
Published: 2005

My first attempt at this highly recommended young adult series.

Uglies is how at the age of 16 all teens must undergo a transformational surgery to become a “pretty” and join all the other pretties in New Pretty Town. Except it appears not all uglies want to become pretty.

I was excited to start reading this series because I’ve heard so much about it, and when I did I suddenly felt that I had just read a YA version of The Host by Stephenie Meyer, in a sense.

While I enjoyed reading this book, flying through the pages and very interested what was going to happen to the characters from beginning to end, I wasn’t as excited to start book 2 as I thought. It’s on my shelf and ready to go, so I will be reading it soon, but I think as the series goes on I will become even more interested in this idea of a new world.

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