club-deadTitle: Club Dead
Author: Charlaine Harris
Finished: June 4, 2009
Pages: 292
Published: 2003

The third Sookie Stackhouse novel, and it just might be my favorite so far. This time around Bill is kidnapped and Sookie has to travel in search of him in the company of a new friend, a werewolf, under Eric’s orders. But nothing ever goes as planned with Sookie and she soon finds herself trapped in the middle of romantic feelings for the men around her.

Every time I read a new Sookie book I always picture how it will be translated into the show, and I get even more excited about the possibilities. I’ve been hearing that there’s a possibility that season 2 of True Blood involves storylines from books 2-4 and not just Living Dead in Dallas, in which case there is  lot in store.

I went out immediately and bought the next two of the series. At this rate I will finish them all before the end of the year.

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