tori-spelling-mommywood-book-coverTitle: Mommywood
Author: Tori Spelling
Finished: May 16, 2009
Pages: 243
Published: 2009

Tori Spelling’s second book in two years, that focuses on her life as a mother and not on her past growing up and her issues with her mom.

I think I enjoyed this book even more because it was about the real Tori and her life and not rumors and bad relationships, but the here and now. I’m also excited because it coincides with a couple seasons of Tori and Dean: Inn Love & Home Sweet Hollywood, so when I finally get around to watching those seasons it will be overlapping.

The great thing about Tori Spelling is she is one of few people who doesn’t seem embarrased at her hew motherhood experience and the situations she finds herself in. She makes fun of her self and laughs along instead of hiding it or feel ashamed that she faced difficult decisions with her kids. I’m sure that I’m going have a lot of these myself when I become a mom.

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