51k7l2imttl_sl500_Title: 8th Confession
Author: James Patterson
Finished: April 29, 2009
Pages: 361
Published: 2009

The next installment of the Women’s Murder Club. This episode focuses more on the women as individuals and not so much working as a team like before.

Lindsay and Rich are still battling out their emotions as they face a portable meth bus that explodes in the middle of the city, followed by the brutal killing of a homeless man who is found by Cindy, and then to add even more to their case load, someone is killing off rich people and no one knows how.

It was a great book, it was interesting how the storylines came together and how some of them connected, and even the development of the personal relationships and how it starts to complicate their lives.

The sad thing about reading this book the second it was released is now I have to wait a whole year for the next one. Eagerly awaiting I am.

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