patterson-james-violets-are-blueTitle: Violets are Blue
Author: James Patterson
Finished: April 20, 2009
Pages: 393
Published: 2001

Alex Cross books just keep getting better and better. Last time we saw Alex his partner was killed and the mystery of the Mastermind was revealed, but only to the reader.

Now Alex is thrust into a new, very interesting case involving and outbreak of vampires all of the country. It takes a long time, and being bitten, for a Alex and his collegues to really believe that this is the killer they’re up against. Not only is Alex trying to solve these strange murders, but the Mastermind is still playing tricks, threatening every single person he knows.

It’s not very often that a killer spans two books, so it was very interesting watching Alex as he tried to figure out the clues to the Mastermind while solving other murders. I hope in the future they continue to do crossover killers and drag them out longer, it makes it more believable that Alex is human and can’t catch everyone within a couple days.

And given the ending of this book, I’m very interested in finding out what happens next in the lives of the Cross Family.

Hopefully I’ll get to this next one soon.

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