Tammy’s Book Nook is hosting this next hour mini-challenge.

What is you favorite non-fiction book and why? What genre(s) do you enjoy and are there particular writers that you would recommend to others? If you don’t read non-fiction, why not?

I don’t know if I have one specific favorite non-fiction book. I think one of the most interesting ones I’ve read was Stiff by Mary Roach because it was really on a subject I was very unfamiliar with and learned so much reading it. Most my non-fiction are books on writitng, and it is certainly one of my favorites but lately I’ve been open to so much and reading more non-fiction that I really imagined I would in one year.

I would highly recommend Mary Roach’s books, even though I’ve only read one. I enjoyed the Persepolis series and the Maus series as well when it comes to graphic novels.