6a00d8341bfc7553ef0105358d290b970c-640wiTitle: Have You Seen…?
Author: David Thomson
Finished: February 12, 2009
Pages: 1007
Published: 2008
Challenges: A-Z Challenge, 50/100+ Challenge, New Authors Challenge

A personal collection of 1,000 films that have some sort of significance in the life of the author.

What I felt like reading through this long list was that I was just hearing the same old movies over and over. Of course there will all the great ones your would expect that already fall into the Oscar winners and AFI’s Top 100 Films of All Time, but there thrown in were a bunch of movies with a bunch of people I’ve never even heard about, and even more foreign films.

While some of the dialogue and critiques were interesting, most of the time my favorite movies or at least ones I enjoyed were being bashed on an considered terrible or not worth anyone’s time.

I consider myself a serious movie buff. I will usually give everything a chance, but I always start what what is familiar and not some random foreign film from a book. This book didn’t convince me to watch any movie but was more just a reason for the author to ramble on about whatever movies he feels like.

In that case, I might as well make my own book filled with 1,000 of my favorite films … once I’ve seen 1,000.

It was an interesting read, but after about letter L I was tired of not knowing names and titles. If you’re big into movies, it’s worht checking out and wondering why this guy keeps making books about movies with only his opinion in them and nothing else.

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