I’m jumping back into the WG bandwagon. I haven’t had much of a chance to participate in 2009, but I really would still like it.

This week is a two parter – or at least two questions.

All the details HERE.

1) How do you feel about classic literature? Are you intimidated by it? Love it? Not sure because you never actually tried it? Don’t get why anyone reads anything else? Which classics, if any, have you truly loved? Which would you recommend for someone who has very little experience reading older books? Go all out, sell us on it!

I love classic literature, more so now than ever before. I know there is quite a lot out there I don’t have a huge interest in reading, but I probably will regardless. I love all Jane Austen, even though I’ve only read 3, I look forward to reading the others. I think for any female or romantic who loves a good romance/love story, Austen is the way to go. I’ve read so much wide variety in the past couple years that I  can’t choose others.

I know I’m not a huge fan of H.G. Wells only because of the scientific nature of the story, yet I’ve read a lot of his works and will probably continue to read more.

4) As you explore the other Weekly Geeks posts: Did any inspire you to want to read a book you’ve never read before—or reread one to give it another chance? Tell us all about it, including a link to the post or posts that sparked your interest. If you end up reading the book, be sure to include a link to your post about it in a future Weekly Geeks post!

I took a glance around at almost all the posts so far just to see what would strink my fancy. I saw a lot of people enjoyed books I had read last year, and ones I would never thought of. I am always inspired to reread The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, and others books of that era only because when I read them it was forced up at school.

One page I ran across mentioned two books I want to read this year for my John Steinbeck Challenge, East of Eden and The Pearl, which seemed so coincidental but I was glad to hear more. Thanks to Behold, the thing that reads a lot for the tip.