you-know-youre-a-writerTitle: You Know You’re a Writer When
Author: Adair Lara
Pages: 95
Date Finished: January 14, 2009
Year Published: 2007
Challenges: A-Z Challenge, 999 Challenge, 50/100+ Book Challenge, Countdown Challenge, New Authors Challenge, RYOB 2009

A short, quaint little book I found on in the bargain bin. Full of a bunch of situations, phrases, ideas that can lead to the reader to understanding if they’re a writer … or have a good laugh because they actually have done some of these things in the past.

A similiar take of “you know you’re a redneck if”.

Two of my favorites from the book – you know you’re a writer when …

  • you are shipwrecked on a deserted island and can’t send the rescue note off in a bottle because you have no access to spell-check.
  • your driver’s license reads, eyes: shifty. Hair: windswept.

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