tuesdaythingersToday’s question: Did you know that there are 1497 authors participating in LT Authors? If you haven’t checked it out, head over for a moment and see if you can find out something new about an author! If you don’t have time to go snooping, have you ever looked at the LT Author page before? Did you know that it is for authors and readers alike? Have you ever looked up a favorite or new author on LT to see what they read and if they have left any comments or reviews themselves? Have you ever told an author about LT Authors and encouraged them to check the site out?

My Answer: I don’t have a whole lot of time to shop around and look at a lot of authors, but I have stumbled upon this area of LT before. I’ve searched for authors I already knew and even found a couple whose ARC books I have read in the past year. I haven’t spent a lot of time looking but I will now, just to see if I can find someone new. I know as an aspiring writer, I hope to one day be able to use LT as an author as well as a reader.