While this isn’t really about books, I can’t resist in the holiday season to mention my favorite Christmas movies. My Friend Amy did this on her blog and it reminded me how I’ve been filling my free time with watching as many holiday movies I can.

love_actuallyMy all time favorite Christmas movie is Love Actually, followed closely by A Christmas Story. For the first time ever, I saw It’s a Wonderful Life, on the big screen nonetheless. I also was Miracle on 34th Street for the first time this year as well. Both are amazing films and soon to become regulars in my house during the season.

My family is also fond of The Polar Express and it is a very great film.

I also enjoyed The Family Stone, however it’s never really made it onto the Christmas must watch list. I may have only seen it once but I did love it.

My most recent favorite, which isn’t really Christmas, but is holiday themed (Thanksgiving) is Home For the Holidays with Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr.

And who can resist watching movies without popcorn, Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop!, to be exact. Amy is also hosting a giveaway for a month’s supply of SmartPop! and a bowl for all your viewing pleasure. You can read more about it here.