lovely_bonesTitle: The Lovely Bones
Author: Alice Sebold
Year Published: 2002
Finished: November 28
Pages: 328
Challenges: Fall Into Reading 2008, Countdown Challenge (extra), From the Stacks

Susie was a normal 14 year old girl when she was raped and brutally murdered not far from her home one afternoon. No body was ever found and no leads to follow.

Now Susie sits in her own Heaven and watches her family move on without her and struggle with finding her killer and letting her go.

This was such an amazing story. In the beginning you think that the story will take place in such a short amount of time, but as you continue you come to realize it takes more than a couple months or years for a person to come to terms with death and completely learn to forgive, though not forget.

After many recommendations and watching it sit on my shelf and call my name for months, I finally picked it up and started reading. It took some time to get through. I almost couldn’t sit and read for a long period of time because of the heavy material but it was so amazing. I wanted it to keep going even after it ended.

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