Title: 1984
Author: George Orwell
Finished: October 30
Pages: 267
Publisher: Signet Classics
Publish Year: 1950
ISBN: 0451516753

A futuristic tale of what the world is like in 1984 with Big Brother watching and people getting arrested for just thinking something bad and/or going against Big Brother.

After finishing it made me very glad that I was not born in the 1984 represented in this book, where children were often taken from their parents and raised in a group home to think pure and live a pure and unquestioning lifestyle to a very extreme sense.

The idea that “Big Brother” decides that books and newspapers need to be changed based their beliefs seems so unreal but very futuristic. That with a click of a button history changes to the point where people don’t even remember what day it is or what even really happened in the history books before they were changed. Dictionaries were wittled down to a handful of words that could be used to describe everything, therefore elimitating all elements of impure thoughts and deeds from peoples minds because there is just no word for it.

It’s always interesting reading futuristic stories and seeing how different the world really is. In movie form, this would be 2001: A Space Odyssey. While “newspeak” now isn’t how Orwell describes, we still have our own form. Like one review on Amazon says, we have our own version of shorthand with texting abreviations like LOL, L8R, etc. It is nearly the same thing and transforming kids using it, changing their form of dictionary into one that is not recognizable to the older generations.

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