This week, let’s dig into the archives of our fellow Weekly Geeks!

Step 1: Choose 3 Weekly Geeks, either from the Mr Linky below or from any of the Mr Linkies in any previous Weekly Geeks, and explore their archives. Try to choose at least one Weekly Geek you don’t know well.

Step 2: Looking through some of their oldest posts, find at least one that you really like from each of the three blogs.

Step 3: Write a post featuring these 3 bloggers, linking to the posts that you enjoyed, with a short blurb.

Step 4: Visit the WG #22 posts of two other Weekly Geeks from the Mr Linky below, and link to their posts at the bottom of yours.

Step 5: Come back and sign Mr Linky with the url to your specific WG #22 post, not just your general blog url.

I’ve already spent a lot of time going through blogs to come up with three that really jump out at me.

1. So Many Books, So Little Time: This is one blog I’ve been following for awhile. There isn’t just one post that stands out because I read it so much. But what I love is that I stay up with a lot of the new challenges as alisonwonderland participates in quite a lot of them. I really enjoy finding out what she’s reading and how they are all going. It’s a great motivator.

2. Puss Reboots: This is a new one for me. I found it in the WG#5 archive because it deals with other forms of storytelling. This blogger choose Film Studies which I find extremely interesting since I watched movies about as much or more than I read books. It was fun reading through the posts and seeing the comparisons between movies and books and examples used.

3. 1 More Chapter: Another blog I read on a regular basis. No post in particular stands out, but like #1, I love being updated on new challenges that are found by 3M and seeing how much we have in common with our reading.

Finally, here are a couple links to some of this weeks WG’s.