Title: Journals
Author: Kurt Cobain
Finished: October 18
Pages: 294
Publisher: Riverhead Trade
Publish Year: 2003
ISBN: 157322359X

A non-fiction book filled with photocopies of journal enties, sketches, lists, song lyrics, etc. from the life of Kurt Cobain before his death in 1994.

It’s quite an easy read and very intriguing to see the process he went through, his journey into rock-n-roll stardom and even his inner thoughts which could have very well led right up to or be hinting at his suicide.

Not often does a musician or anyone famous leave behind such an intimate example of their life for others to read  and understand. He was quite an artist which didn’t care about being famous. He hated the attention but he loved music and he wasn’t going to give it up just because reporters were around. He details his drug use, his relationships, his daughter, and his struggle to live and strive in a world full of negativity and change.

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