I think the intention of this exercise was to interview another book blogger, but since I don’t really know any personally as of right now, I’m interviewing myself. Later tonight, I think I may interview one of my best friends about books just as an extension to this post.

For now, here’s my interview with myself.

Introduction. I’m Lauren and I read books. I’m from Idaho, born and raised. I’m an avid reading, mainly fiction, but I will most likely try anything once. I’m currently focusing on the 1,001 Books to Read Before You Die list among all the other 111 books on my shelves that have never been opened. Aside from writing, I also enjoying watching a large portion of movies and television shows. I’m a fan of lists, so by the end of the year I will have watched all of AFI’s Top 100 Films. And I’m also a writer, struggling to get back into the creative process and working to finish multiple novels and possibly have something, even one poem, published in the near future. I have a cat named Fergie who run around the house and plays with rubberbands and pieces of wadded up paper, but refuses to use her kitty door. And I have the best friends in the world.

Why do you blog about books? It’s fun, for one. I have the opportunity to write down my thoughts and ideas whether or not they are really all that great or in depth. Plus, I love writing, and even if it’s writing about books I’ve read, I’m still working my brain and keeping the process flowing. I more I can write about anything that comes to mind, the more the creative juices run and I can start to produce better work.

How did you choose the name for your blog? I’m currently reading a book by Stephen King called “On Writing: Memoirs of a Craft” and in it he says that in order to be a great writer you also have to read a lot. Whether it’s picking up a new word or phrase, description, place, general idea, reading books of all forms and as many as you can will help the creative process and enhance the skills you already have as a writer. Plus, if someone didn’t write a piece of work, what would we be reading. It has to be written before it can be read.

What has been your favorite book you’ve blogged about so far? I think my Early Reviewer books (The Wednesday Sisters, The Wishing Year, Between Here and April) have been the most interesting because I one of a limited amount of people who received the early editions of books. You have more of an obligation to write an in depth review or opinion of the piece of work. I’ve spent more time writing the reviews for those three books than any of my others.

Has the way you read books changed since you started blogging? I pay more attention to not only the words on the page but between the lines, sentence structure, and any little thing that I can pull out. Lately fun and/or interesting lines of dialogue or transitions or even a word jump out and I want to share it with someone. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer has a very interesting example of time and now that she’s used it, if I ever saw it again I would think someone stole her idea. If you’re reading a book just to read and book but not to share anything about it, then you pass right over the most interesting parts of the story without even realizing it.

What has been something that has surprised you about the world of book blogging? There’s a lot of people who blog about books and lot more people who do it more effectively than I have. Maybe one day down the road mine will be just as creative as others out there.

What do you most hope you accomplish with your blog? Just an opportunity to have my thoughts heard, even if I’m the only one listening. I always feel its better to put thoughts down on paper then to keep them in your head. If I didn’t make a little note of every book or movie I saw my head would be overflowing with itty bitty opinions.