Title: With Our Good Will
Author: Doug Copsey
Finished: August 17
Pages: 249
Publisher: Caxton Press
Publish Year: 2006
ISBN: 0870044567

Local author, general interest, love Shakespeare.

An amazing journey through the development of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival in Boise, Idaho, written by one of the founding members of the festival. Beginning in the 70s, the book covers the very first performance at One Capital Center all the way through 30 years of ISF to their current and permanent location in East Boise. Includes pictures, old newspaper articles, ticket stubs, quotes, and even a complete list in the back of all people who have had anything to do with the Idaho Shakespeare Festival in the 30 years of operation, including all employees and staff and cast.

“I will never forget that blissful, innocent summer when the Idaho Shakespeare Festival was born. I suspect we all knew how lucky we were to be part of the magic, but if we didn’t know it then, I have no doubt we do now.” — Doug Copsey

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