Title: Stori Telling
Author: Tori Spelling
Finished: August 4
Pages: 276
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Publish Year: 2008
ISBN: 1416950737

I was always a fan on 90210, which meant I was always a fan of Tori Spelling and Aaron Spelling and anyone else associated. I vaguely remember all the drama surrounding the family, but never really paid too much attention to what tabloids said. Reading this book made a me empathize with Spelling for the way her parents raised her and all the trouble she had with the press. It’s not easy being a child to a star, much less trying to live your own life and become a star yourself.

I think she did a very good job of telling her own story of her life, even admitting to her own faults and actions, leaving nothing out, to convince the world that she is just like everyone else despite who her father was.

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