Title: Say Goodbye
Author: Lisa Gardner
Finished: July 31
Pages: 368
Publisher: Bantam
Publish Year: 2008
ISBN: 0553804332

There’s a terrifying serial killer out there and the only person who can bring him down is Kimberly Quincy, an FBI special agent, who takes a particular liking to the case when she is approached by a pregnant prostitute.

Quincy is 5 months pregnant and suddenly everything in her life is changing. Her husband wants her to be careful, cut back on work, or quit altogether. Even her superiors are worried about her health. When Delilah comes claiming that prostitutes are disappearing and no one seems to notice, Quincy starts uncovering clues while everyone wants her to leave the case alone.

Unfortunately, Kimberly Quincy can’t just turn the other way and watch a serial killer continue, especially after her own mother and sister were killed by one. All she needs to convince her boss that this case is worth pursuing are bodies or some hard evidence, which she has neither of. All she has is the word of Delilah who doesn’t seem to want to tell her anything, leading her on a wild chase through the spider’s web.

This was a very enjoyable book, kept me on my toes for most it, wondering what was the real story and what was a lie. Kimberly Quincy was a very likable character, one people can relate to, especially women who may be on that edge wondering if they should work or stay home with their baby. Characters were well developed and the story just like a spider’s web, weaving you one way, taking you back and forth until you aren’t sure where you started or where you’re going.

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