Title: The 6th Target
Author: James Patterson
Pages: 390
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publish Year: 2007
ISBN: 0446179515
Notes: I love the Women’s Murder Club
I couldn’t call this my favorite of the series so far. There were too many cases in one story that were solved too quickly, in my opinion. Lindsey’s continuing battle with commitment was great and even up until the end I wasn’t sure what she was going to end up doing. I forgot that Lindsay is also a blonde, which I don’t like as much after watching the TV show where she’s brunette. I like that version much better. But I still love her tough cop kick butt attitude and those of her friends.

Title: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Pages: 204
Publisher: Popular Library
Publish Year: 1971
ISBN: 0445084316
Notes:Johnny Depp, it’s on the 1001 Books to Read, and I had to try and understand the story better than just watching the film.
I’ve never felt more on drugs than while reading this book. Around every corner I was waiting for something truly terrible to happen to them, but of course, they never got caught. Had they been in any other town they probably wouldn’t have survived one day on their own, let alone a weekend or longer. But in Las Vegas you can hide those things. Everyone acts crazy and strange in Las Vegas. It was definitely worth reading up until the very end.

Title: The Green Mile
Author: Stephen King
Pages: 592
Publisher: Signet
Publish Year: 1996
ISBN: 0451933028
Notes: I have never read a Stephen King novel before and loved the movie.
Such an amazing story that takes you through the journey of one man and the people in his life from one period in time. King did an amazing job of creating a tense atmosphere with lots of background information, repetition just to make sure the reader full understands, and in the case of the six separate volumes, so the reader doesn’t forget what happened in the last book. I thought it to be much better than the movie only because in depth description of characters, actions and thoughts were right in front of you and you didn’t have to decipher what was going on on the screen.

Title: War and Peace
Author: Leo Tolstoy
Pages: 857
Publisher: Russkii Vestnik
Publish Year: 1865-1869
Notes: read through Daily Lit. I have always wanted to say I accomplished War and Peace.
What started out more as a chore and a guessing game at every chapter as to who was who and what they were doing, soon turned into a wonderful story about family, love, life, war, forgiveness, and death. Following the lives of many characters and families as they interact in Russia, follow the war, the marriages and the loses that each one faces, War and Peace is an amazing story that goes on forever and ever and for the most part, can keep you entertained the whole time. There were parts that were slow, repetitive, and even towards the end had nothing to do with the overall story, but in general Tolstoy did an amazing job with this piece of work.