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“Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public.”

—Paulo Coelho

By Lauren Tyler


Ten years ago Remington Austen’s life changed for the better after being left for dead. Under the watchful eye of two men from her past, she realizes it’s time to take control of her own life. Once upon a time, someone gave her a second chance, maybe it was time to return the favor.

But which one, Ethan Sullivan or Lucas Beck, deserves a second chance? 

As the three enter into an incalculable undercover operation, they find that their individual secrets will only remain hidden for so long. Friendships are put to the test, trust is questioned, and no amount of preparation can keep the past from repeating itself. The question is will they get out alive and what will they have to sacrifice to do so?


Along Came Cathy

Paul didn’t realize how much he still had to learn at eighteen until he crossed paths with some bad influences. He wasn’t one to party, destroy property, or trespass, but his new crowd saw their misdeeds as an amusing way to pass time. And he never thought, one bored night, he would end up in a room with Cathy, the most coveted girl in the neighborhood.

Desperate to keep the woman he loves all to himself, he takes drastic measures to prove his manhood and worth, only to have the opposite effect on Kate.


Lauren Tyler

Lauren grew up on the pages of Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Children, and Anne of Green Gables, which later gave way to the works of Jane Austen and Ernest Hemingway.

She is an insatiable reader, and the only thing that rivals her love of books is her love of the sun. She loves to explore, both cities and the outdoors alike, and she’s always up for finding a new favorite haunt. You can find her most days soaking up the rays with a great bottle of wine, a dear friend or two, and her talkative cat, Pantouffle.

Other Books


Max Hudson was only good at one thing – being a doctor. He saved lives, which left time for little else. 

When his fear of failure and inadequacy started to take over rational thought, the only safe option was to escape everything in Africa. In an effort to prove his value as a doctor (and human being), Max leaves his whole life behind, including his son and the woman he loved.

To Those Who Came Before

To Those Who Came Before is a debut collection of poetry filled with dating ups and downs, internal insecurities, fake prince charmings, to love or not to love, midnight thoughts, and letting go.

Any resemblance to actual people, is probably true, but most likely not you.

A creative mind is an overactive place to be – full of mystery, unicorns, and often scenarios that only play out in our mind – which then became these poems.


Leah remembered the night her father had been nominated. Joe had been so gentle, so exciting. Later, she realized that night had all been an act.

Whether as a dare or to spite her parents, Leah Clark had never backed down from a challenge. The more powerful the man, the stranger the experience, the faster the relationship. Nothing would stop her from self-destruction or ruining her father’s reputation.


Praise for Austen

“I loved it! I need more! I have to know what happens with Austen!”


– Ashley

Praise for Spark

“If you have forgotten how to create, or rather forgotten that you are already creative – as I often do – read this book.”


– Jeff Goins

Best-selling Author of Real Artists Don’t Starve

Praise for To Those Who Came Before

“Well done, my dear friend! Could not stop reading! Words flow. Heart engages.”

– Steph

Praise for Chloe

“So much salacious fun! I loved this book, even more so the story behind the book of the author having found their grandfather’s writing and retelling the story as a modern tale. I could sense a bit of the historical origins in some of the “Mad Men”-like attitudes and sensibilities of the characters. This did not take away from or distract from the modern story in any way. The local touches were perfect. I was able to read it in just a quick afternoon. I hope the author makes many more of these stories come to life as I, for one, can’t wait to read more of them!”

– Karin

Praise for Leah

“So fun! I love that this is a retelling of the author’s grandfather’s work of fiction. It’s so much fun to see it modernized with details of my beloved hometown. Well done and can’t wait to see what story is next!”


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Self-Publishing your book is easier than you think!

Self-Publishing your book is easier than you think!

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